Song of the Plow

Awakened by

the song of the plow,

a rumbling bass

without much rhythm,

couldn’t dance to it,

or raise my flute to play along.


Its song is of the night,

breaking into dreams,

becoming part of the story,

evoking the appearance

of wildebeasts,

and lions.


By the time I have crossed over,

into the land of


ice scrapers,

and roof rakes,

the plow has rolled on,

leaving a crusty residue

at the end of our driveway.


I can still hear its song,

rising from the lowlands,

its growl

mingling with the

percussive rush

of that waterfall


DSC_0198Photo: Leigh Pumilia



3 thoughts on “Song of the Plow”

  1. carol. so happy to have discovered your blog…your writing is poignant and vivid and so endearing…. must look into those books you have published…hmmm, have you ever thought of setting any of your beautiful words to music..?
    (i just happen to know a songwriter who might be interested 🙂

    ps. i also have a blog should you wish to check it out sometime… here’s an excerpt:


    1. Ellie,
      We are all full of surprises. Always up for new ways to express….music to the words? Sure..
      I have written some songs but not recently. Let’s talk one of these days…or write…
      much love and I will be reading your blog…started to and it’s great!
      Thanks, CarolO


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