A Spinner

When spun,

a story ignites,

the velocity of imagination,

the kindling heat,

setting the words,



I spun stories

to soothe,

to quiet

parents who wanted tales,

that convinced them otherwise.


I spun stories

to expel.

My baby sister

sometimes needing

a way to feel and release,

in all the confusion.


I spun stories

because I had to,

because my mind

and heart

demanded it.

So I coud be soothed,

so I could feel,

so I could become a spinner

of stories,

the words set aflame

by the velocity

of my imagination,




Painting of Carol,  by Paul D. Ortlip


3 thoughts on “A Spinner”

  1. love your poetry. i often comment via reply to the email, but i don’t think you see that. will try to do better about commenting on your blog. are you related to the Ortlip family who is connected with Houghton College by any chance?


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