Our Mother, Gone: Part III: Side by Side

Side by side,

we skimmed across the lake,

that winter I ventured



All the other memories,

the ones that sting,

that mystify

and cry,

fall away

when I remember

your face,

in silhouette,

as we

explored the lake,

from above.


Exhilarated confidence,

so strong

and sure,

almost unrecognizable,

as I fit this image,

into the mother,

I had known.


My rants of disappointment,

are those of a kid,

still trying to

make sense

of us,




I choose not to judge you.

To honor you

for giving me life.

To imagine you,



and wise,

charging across

that frozen lake,

with me,

mother and daughter,

on an adventure,

into the land,

of forgiveness.

IMG_6048Miriam King:   March 3, 1929 – April 14, 2008

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