180 Days

180 days ago, I pledged to write a poem each morning.  Some poems have been direct links to that place of essential expression; when I am finished and reread what has emerged, there are tears or sighs that usher in gratitude of enormous dimensions.  Other poems are adequate, a phrase or two close to the intention.  But never do they fail completely.  

I am going to continue writing each day and sharing what I’ve written, although it may be impossible to post them on occasion.  This exercise, suggested by my partner (wish there was a better word) has become a meditation, grounding me to myself.  And so I say “thank you, Leigh” for suggesting this.  And I want to acknowledge those who have read my poems and gotten something from them.  

180 days ago,

pen to paper,

from out of the blue,

across time,


and sky,

to whatever it is,

that finds me here,

I’ll be waiting,

with pen,

and paper,

by the light of dawn.

where I go to find the words.......
where I go
to find the words…….



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