Heading Back

Heading back,

from the longest day,

summer solstice soon.

Time keeps


that I don’t see coming,

and suddenly,

we’re at the longest day, 

heading back,

and turn around

we must,

towards the shortest day,

six months out,

in a realm,

called winter.


2 thoughts on “Heading Back”

  1. Love this alot, photo reminds me of the Big Sur Area of my California, and your poem reminds me of the long journey to get there. (240+ mile round trip). Thanks for taking me there, without the time and gas! Ps. my WP is not public yet, but soon. I write poetry too, different and not as good as yours, but I hope you will visit when it’s launched. My Art Monster is not mean, just looks that way, right now. -Corey C.

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