For Emma

This is Emma and me,

in close,

we were always messy,

in the brook,

in the snow,

on froggy elevator.

At six,

when she arrived,

I was asked to

become the other parent,

and with protestations,

sometimes grand,

I sort of did,

for as long as I was able.


Now I see,

that we were brave together,

all of us,

who raised her,

each one playing a part,

essential and necessary.


When I saw her smiling,

shiny purple gown,

glowing in the late afternoon sun,

I remembered us messy,

in the brook,

her blue eyes flashing,

looking for a place 

to land,

and become

who she is now,

and I know that,

she found one.

gnjjgjfdhPhoto: Barbara Docktor



So glad, so proud, so thankful…………………



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