Sometimes, So Far Away


so far


the understanding,

and tolerance,

for habits,



and swallowed,


that show no signs,

of abating,

but that frequent

the corridors of this life,

living long enough,

to be baffled by their tenacity,

and saddened by the brutality,

of self-judgement,

and pity,

that turn a spilled pot of hot coffee,

(because someone’s attention,

was elsewhere),

into a major crime,

punishable by at least,

an hour,

in lock-up.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes, So Far Away”

  1. Some people fall into bad habits without an understanding of what they’re doing or the effect it will have on everything else around them. What we can do is let them know of God and where to find Him. Check out my page, I’m new to this and have no followers yet.


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