Finally Free

I wish I knew,

what I could do,

to save you.


I’d lift a sword,

from a stone,

ride out to slay the beast,

that lives nearby.


I’d fashion a lasso,

learn to wrangle,

harness the storm

that threatens your heart.


In autumn’s blush,

I’d pick an apple,

among the windfallen crop,

fill it with poison,

the witch my target,

and you would be free,


But a fairy tale this is not,

for we are real,

the forces that stalk,

are real,

and you will not be spared,

in this life.


i will hold out,

for the day,

when you can be a child,

a stick your sword,

a windfallen apple an offering,,

a length of rope your swing,

your voice rising in laughter,

everything about you,


and joyously,




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