Looking Up

another favorite…..


Do I write about

star light,

a buried body,

or getting old?

Looking over

the brewing choices,

there seems to be

a theme:

Light that takes

light years to reach us,

moving through

molecules of time,

unwavering in its destiny:

to shine.

A dream

of a body buried

beneath tons of sand,

knowing it would be

found someday:

what we conceal

will inevitably

be uncovered,

unwavering in its purpose:

to enlighten.

Getting old,

the accumulated wear,

reaching muscle and bone,

slowing us down,

so we must stop,

looking up,

waiting for the secret of light,

to be revealed.

All of it

leading me to this:


in star light,

in messages from within,

and in whatever it is

that holds me together,

as I stop,

long enough,

to finally see.

DSC_0149Photo: Leigh Pumilia

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