Life’s Sustaining Pulse

a favorite……


A year ago,

enroute to work,

I found him in a parking lot,

lying in the snow,

stilled by something

hard and quick:




I held him close,

for at least an hour,

as others tried to find,

a box,

a doctor,

a reason.

During that hour,

I pledged to stay,

until a final breath,


open wings.

And me,

in my morbid expectation,

of departure,

maybe death,

watched in volcanic awe,

as he hopped

onto my finger,

looked me in the eyes,

and flew away.

I watch cardinals now,

sometimes up to four or five,

emerging from their

winter cover,

to chase each other,

in pursuit of seed.

Each one a reminder,

of life’s tenacity,

and the danger

of morbid expectations,

that can persuade the heart

and eyes,

to look for endings,

instead of

life’s sustaining pulse.


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