To Sharon: Part I

And there she was,

a child born of light

and meteor showers,

aware of more than

these earthly confines,

bound by constrictions 

of body and mind,

never letting them hold her,

from expression,

but unable to be satisfied,

with her attempts at perfection,

as all artists must,

she questioned,

she cried,

she longed for something

never to be found here: 

the source of uncontrollable laughter;

ice-fractured sunlight

that elevates the heart,

to places she called

peak experiences;

the deepest sorrow, 

for those she saw suffering,

her shared sadness,

leveling in its effect.


And all of this

became too much,



Those of us,

close enough to know,

held on,

and held out what we could

to reassure,

and help her

find the way back,

if only for a little while,

for we knew,

that someday,

she would have to go,

as light does,

into realms beyond these earthly confines,

and that,

we would have to let her.

IMG_7802Photo: Barbara Docktor



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