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Only A Dog: In Honor of Sheela


the manzanita trees,

wet with welcomed rain,

the earth in singing relief,

this spring,

the streams are full.


My sister goes hiking now,


her friend,

a dog named Sheela,

has left for other lands,

places we don’t always believe in.


Has she gone to the spirit world?

Her love and loyalty for my sister,

so clear,

so deep,

transcending death?


Will my sister’s heart,

so broken now,

ever find enough solace?


She was only a dog.


Only a dog,

whose friendship took my sister high,

into trails that lifted her soul,

when she needed it most.


This grief,

brings on others,

the power of its unleashed force,



There will be healing.

There has to be,

but it won’t come easily.

For my sister and Sheela

shared that mysterious bond,

that took them beyond


and definitions.


The streams are full.

My sister will go alone now.

And if she believes,

Sheela will be running alongside her,

among the manzanita trees,

wet with welcomed rain.


Run on, dear Sheela.


Run on.